this page is currently being updated to include a description of Pat's recording studio facility

Pat Kilbride tours with one of his two Godin Acousticaster 6 models, one with a dual-chamber mahogany body, the other with maple. Each has a rock maple neck, 18 tuned metal tines mounted under the bridge, and an L.R. Baggs LB6 bridge transducer with custom preamp. Kilbride uses Elixir strings (gauges .012, .017, .024, .032, .044, .054) tuned to D A D G A D.

Closer to home and in the studio, he also plays a mid-'80s Martin D-28 ( his beloved 1973 Nelson 0026, made by Irish luthier Derrick Nelson (who later worked under the Danvel brand). The Martin and Nelson guitars are fitted with Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural II undersaddle pickups.

Kilbride's cittern is a Stefan Sobell ( spruce-and-rosewood five-course, tuned D A D A D (gauges .012, .017, .032, .042, .052) and fitted with a Fishman pickup. His 1979 ten-string bouzouki was made by Peter Abnett (; it's fitted with a DiMarzio magnetic humbucking pickup in the soundhole, which he runs into a Trace Elliot preamp pedal. Kilbride uses Elixir strings on all his instruments.